Our Story

JAX Cafe is located across the street from the Indiana Wesleyan University campus. The baristas and cooks at JAX make it a point to go above and beyond for those who visit. From the handcrafted drinks to the tasty sandwiches, it is our hope at JAX to be a unifying place for everyone. We welcome students, locals, those passing through and everyone in between. We hope to become that special place for relaxing, studying, quality time or just that hour break from the busyness of life. Please stop by soon and experience it yourself. We look forward to having you!

Our 5 Promises

At the center of the Jax Cafe experience are our core concepts - “People, Place, Products, Programs and Paradigm.”

People- Our staff is friendly and interested in everyone who comes through our door. Our customers are difference makers from around the world.
Place- Our cafe features an interior that immediately transports everyone home.
Products- Our food and beverages are crafted to be memorable.
Programs- Events at Jax Cafe are created to offer the rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most innovative people.
Paradigm- We love the idea of shifting the paradigm away from the coffee universe of other coffee shops to something much better.


Great people, great vibe, great coffee. Owners Jack and Diane Gardner have given the Marion community another gift, as they did prior with The College Inn B&B. Be sure and stop in, you won’t want to leave!
— Eric Reaves

"JAX is a delightful, comfortable, homey coffee shop and gathering place across from IWU on Washington Street. Stop in and be sure to try the caramel butter on croissant- mmmmm happy!"

                                   -Kathy Daniels